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June 20 – The Brevet – Ouray Mountain Air Music Series

June 20, 2019 12:00 am

Venue: Ouray Mountain Air Music Series

Fellin Park; 1001 Million Dollar Highway, Ouray, CO 81427

Throughout the past few years, Brevet has experienced a shift in performing more frequently in live venues and on tour. From this experience the music they have been  creating just naturally started to reflect that energy. “The road more than anything helped us grow and mature into the band we’ve become”, says The Brevet frontman Aric Chase Damm .

Nowhere is that growth and maturity more evident than LEGS, The Brevet’s explosive, ambitious new album. Recorded at the band’s own studio in their native Orange County, California, the collection is the most deeply personal and lyrically sophisticated yet, tackling perception and identity in the digital age with both subtle nuance and blunt force. The songs remain as cinematic as ever, full of rousing choruses and sing-along hooks, but they carry more weight here, propelled inexorably forward by thunderous percussion and blazing electric guitars that blend rock and roll snarl with R&B swagger. LEGS is an album unafraid to face down the unknowable and Damm found himself mining his personal life more than ever during the writing process, taking an unflinching look inwards to examine the dark alleys and existential dead ends that often sidetrack us in the pursuit of happiness.

“There’s nothing like the feel and energy you get from a live show,” explains Damm, “and there’s no more honest reaction you can get than from an audience that’s never heard something before. We decided to start playing these new songs live before they were out and the audience response was just so cool and inspiring.”

LEGS stands for “Like Every Great Story,” and the album indeed contains all the elements of any memorable tale: struggle and success, tension and release, conflict and resolution. The band faced countless roadblocks and hurdles during the album’s year-long recording process, but their music insists on a relentless optimism, a defiant belief in the power of positivity in the face of darkness and doubt. Every great story has a hero, after all, and heroes never give up, even when the going gets tough. That’s what The Brevet is all about.

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