Professional Massage Therapists: Each one of our team of professional licensed massage therapists hold knowledge and intuition based in the art and science of massage. They draw from a variety of healing modalities and many years of study and experience to offer you a massage to address your body’s needs.

  •  Our experience shows that the more personalized the treatment, the more likely our guests are satisfied with their experience.
  • Your therapist will clarify with you the focus of your massage…general relaxation, specific areas of tension, sports injury pain relief, improved mood, etc.
  • They will establish your preferred massage pressure. Light Pressure uses long relaxing sweeping strokes that release the superficial layers of tension. Medium Pressure uses strokes with friction and kneading to address the release of deeper tension within specific muscle groups.
  •  Masks are worn by the therapist throughout the session.
  • Mask is worn by the client while the client is face-up and can be removed while the client is face-down (a more protected face-cradle drape is used).