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Chipeta Signature Massage

Relax and unwind! Massage techniques to increase circulation, promote relaxation and muscle rejuvenation, give relief from aches and pains, decrease stress levels in the body,enhance mental clarity and greater flexibility.

60-minute massage $125 / 90-minute massage $185

Custom Sports Massage

Awesome after a day of hiking, skiing, biking or fishing! Sports Massage integrates Swedish Massage, Neuro muscular Therapy, and other sports massage techniques in ways specifically appropriate to working with athletes. A soothing & cooling aromatherapy gel is applied to specific areas of concern to alleviate pain, soothe muscles and relax the body after strenuous activity.

60-minute massage $145 / 90-minute massage $205

Aromatherapy Massage

Chipeta’s seasonal Alpine Aromatherapy Stress Relief Massage Oil Blend is perfect for balancing your winter wellness needs. The essential oils support a sense of calm and help to reduce stress and enhance mindfulness. Enhance a shift of mood to refresh your outlook and soothe aches and pains.

60-minute massage $125 / 90-minute massage $185

Head, Hands & Foot Massage

Feel a unique peace of mind with this divine trinity massage combo.A scalp massage, hand massage and foot massage enhanced by warm towel compresses helps to improve balance,circulation and relaxation. The foot massage uses acupressure on pressure points to relay relief through out your body. The hand massage divinely relaxes tension in the hands and lower arms. Then, drift off into a stress-relieving scalp massage with organic oils. An herbal foot dusting finishes off the treatment!

60-minute massage $125 / 90-minute massage $185

Pregnancy Massage

Relax tense muscles, ease tension, improve circulation and mobility, and feel good! Prenatal massage is also tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Our therapists understand which areas will need extra attention during your pregnancy. We predominantly use aside-lying position which is more comfortable for you and use additional pillows to ensure your comfort during the massage. Our organic maternity massage oil blend is safe and excellent for cell regeneration, circulation and stretch mark prevention. Specifically for women during 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy; a time of transformation and creation

60-minute massage $125 / 90-minute massage $185

Southwestern Stone Massage

Feel the warm soothing energy permeate into your body. A unique comforting massage combines flowing strokes to relax muscles and ease tension. The addition of warm basalt stones and warmed oils followed by cool marble stones add to the exquisite experience.

90-minute massage $195

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage’s intentional slower gliding strokes focus deep pressure into specific areas and layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding your muscles). It’s benefits include breaking up scar tissue and breaking down muscle adhesion that cause the feeling of contracted painful knots which limit circulation and cause pain and inflammation. Moderate pressure can reduce arthritis pain and ease tension, making it easier for those with arthritis to move around.Feeling sore after this treatment is common

60-minute massage $145 / 90-minute massage $205

Rose Quartz Massage

Receive a Chipeta Signature Massage with a Rose Quartz Body Oil that carries an uplifting and joyful floral-citrus aroma in a light moisturizing blend of herb-infused oils. The pink vibration of rose quartz relates to the heart and thyroid gland and its subtle energy is said to inspire joy, and an open heart. You are misted throughout with a sacred alchemy signature healing water blend made from pristine,energizing, living water that rushes from a natural high altitude spring at its source, deep in a lush forest in the San Juan mountains of Colorado

60-minute massage $145 / 90-minute massage $205

Herb Infused Shea Butter Massage

Luscious skin conditioning occurs with high nutrient, raw shea butter blended with lavender, calendula & life everlasting flowers to deeply penetrate, nourish and moisturize thirsty dry skin.

60-minute massage $145 / 90-minute massage $205

CBD Infused Massage

Receive a Chipeta Signature Massage with our locally grown and formulated high quality CBD, known for beneficial propertied to aid in pain relief and inflammation.

60-minute massage $145 / 90-minute massage $205

Deep Tissue CBD Infused Massage

Receive a Deep Tissue Massage with our locally grown and formulated high quality CBD, known for beneficial propertied to aid in pain relief and inflammation.

60-minute massage $165 / 90-minute massage $225


Private Sauna Session $75.00 per 60-minutes (Up to 2 family members) additional 3-4th persons @ $20 per person

Hot Soak/ Cool Pool Session Complimentary with Massage (60-minutes)

Private Yoga your group of 1-4 persons 60 minutes $150 / 90-minutes $200

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Welcome to Chipeta Resort Spa! We hope you thoroughly enjoy your custom therapeutic treatment. To assist with ensuring your treatment starts on-time please review the following:

Please complete your electronic guest questionnaire prior to your treatment arrival. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time to get acquainted with Chipeta Spa. 

Your Spa Attendant will escort you to your treatment room to change for your massage. Please place your clothing in the designated tupperware container and seal with lid. Please note: Due to Covid-19 precautions the Spa bathroom showers are not accessible at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

With each treatment you are welcome to enjoy the relaxation room and Zen garden. Please note: Due to Covid-19 precautions the dry cedar wood sauna, steam room and bathroom showers are temporarily unavailable.

We greatly appreciate guests arriving on-time. Arriving late to your appointment will limit the time of your treatment. Your treatment will end on-time and the full value will be charged.

Thank you!

What To Wear

The spa attendant will provide you with soft Chipeta robe to wear in the spa; also available in your lodging accommodations.

Most treatment are enjoyed without clothing.

At the beginning of your treatment you will be given the opportunity to disrobe and get comfortable on the treatment bed before the spa attendant returns to start.

Throughout your services your body will be professionally draped except for the area being worked on, to ensure privacy.

Please note: the spa facilities are co-ed.

Special Health Condition Considerations

Please notify your therapist with any health concerns you may have before starting your treatment(s). This includes high blood pressure, heart condition, physical injuries or ailments, allergies disabilities or pregnancy.


Where should I store my belongings?

The Men and women’s changing rooms provide lockers with keys to tore your clothing and personal belongings.

Please note: Chipeta Resort is not responsible for any lost or stolen items left unattended in the spa.

Cancellation Policy

We understand there are times when you may need to reschedule your treatment. As a courtesy to our guests and staff, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment.

Our therapists are dedicated to their clients for the full time allotted for a service.

Therefore, cancellations within 24 hours will be charged 100% for the scheduled service.

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