Rapture in Rose Quartz

Receive a Chipeta Signature Massage with a divine Rose Quartz specialty oil. The stone of ‘universal love’ helps to restore trust and harmony as it purifies and opens the heart to deep inner healing and peace.


60 minutes:  $145.00
10% Discount  $130.50
Offer expires February 28, 2021




Rose Quartz Body Oil

Feel your skin absorb the language of the heart through
this uplifting and refreshing Herb infused grapeseed oil,
Passion fruit oil, Rosehip seed extract, and Gogi berry extract.


3.5 oz:  $40.00
10% Discount  $36.00
Offer expires February 28, 2021




Love Everlasting Couples Package

Celebrate your love with a 2-Hour Couples Package including a dry cedar wood sauna followed by time at the pools, completed by a Rose Quartz Oil Signature Massage.


 2 – Hours:  $365.00
10% Discount  $328.50
Offer expires February 28, 2021




Chipeta Spa Gift Packs

Bring harmony to body, mind & spirit with Chipeta spas gift pack. Nourish your body with a luxurious herbal Shea butter, renew skin with emerald sun hydrosol & awaken your senses with the blissful aroma of Ormus Mist.




Chipeta Spa Facial Gift Pack

Give the gift of an at home facial with this powerful duo. Isun’s intense exfoliant contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids that will dissolve away dead surface cells, while soothing aloe & cucumber keep skin hydrated. Follow up with the honey goji berry mask, a moisturizing treat, that will leave skin with a healthy & dewey glow.




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